Academic programme and majors

A programme in 5 years

A training over 5 years to build your professional project

The undergraduate programme in two years provides a full and solid basic scientific training with a first traineeship lasting one month. Then the 3-year engineering programme will allow you to evolve in concrete situations.

Project-based learning, lab works and traineeships represent altogether 38% of the overall training.

You can have access to programme details by visiting the link about programmes.

ESCOM Chimie programme can also be done through apprenticeship form the 1st year of engineering programme (corresponding to the 3rd year). International degree students –not accessible to exchange students) can apply for this programme only after having already obtained a one-year study visa in France. Please note that you will need a working permit to participate to this particular programme.


The 5th year is a year of specialisation.

The major you choose will personalise your engineering trianing by enriching your specigic knowledge in chemistry and process engineering.

Each major has a limited number of places and is subject to a prior selection. The student has to submit a motivated application during the 4th year.

Our 12 majors are proposed in 6 different sectors : 

12 majors and 7 master's degree

To respond to the various career opportunities for a chemical engineer, ESCOM Chimie offers a wide range of majors. Some majors are proposed in partnership with local universities UTC and UPJV and can allow you to obtain a double-degree with an additional master’s degree.

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MajorsObjectivesCareer opportunities
 Majors offered by ESCOM Chimie
Industrial Management & Marketing (MMI )Acquiring a basic understanding of business management organization and practices, development of techniques in marketing, sales, purchasing and logistics adapted to industrial products.Sales Application Engineer

Product Manager

Supply Chain Engineer


Quality, Hygiene Safety



Acquiring solid knowledge on risks evaluation and management to prevent/reduce pollutions and risks linked to activities, to measure product quality and customer satisfaction within a QHSE integrated management policy.Environment Engineer

Quality Assurance Engineer

Audit & Consultancy Engineer

QHSE Engineer

Formulated products & Applications (PA)Acquiring knowledge in the technical fields of marketing and commercialisation to design and adapt products corresponding to needs or expectations expressed or anticipated by the market.Product Development Engineer

Formulation Engineer

R&D Engineer

Majors offered by ESCOM Chimie in partnership with master’s degree of UTC
Biotechnologie (BIOTECH) / Master TVRN*Using renewable plant origin carbon molecules as substitutes to fossil reserves.R&D Engineer

Production & studies in biotechnologies

Biorefinery / Biofuels

Pharmacy parapharmacy / Cosmetics.


Formulated product engineering (GPF) / Master TVRNProviding skills and methods of research needed for the design, evaluation and improvement of industrial processes within a perspective of sustainable development.Process Engineer

Formulation Engineer

Methods Engineer

Design Engineer

Production Engineer


Procédés de transformation & valorisation des ressources renouvelables (PTV 2R) / Master TVRN*
Majors offered by ESCOM Chimie in partnership with master’s degree of UPJV (Université Picardie Jules Verne)
Chemical transformation of natural resources (TCRN ) / Master TVRN*In-depth study of chemistry, biology and analysis through synthesis (carbohydrate chemistry, green chemistry, catalysis, nano objects…), analysis (NMR, MS…) and retrosynthetic analysisDevelopment Engineer

Research Engineer

Patent Engineer

Analysis, control, quality (ACQ) / Master TVRN*Training management level engineers capable of analysing and solving problems related to chemical, toxicological and biological analysis, QA (quality assessment), water treatment , hygiene and security measures. Quality Manager

Analysis Engineer

Engineer in control methods, analytical services

Traitement qualité de / Ingénieur contrôle & analytique. l’eau, analyse, contrôle (TQE ) / Master TVRN*
Majors offered by ESCOM in partnership with IFOCA (Institut de Formation du Caoutchouc)
Elastomers science and technologyDeveloping multidisciplinary skills to better understand how to develop and design elastomer products and how to conduct a technical and economical analysis for product development.R&D Engineer

Business development engineer

Production & design in the fields of rubber, elastomers and their applications (automotive, aeronautics, space, sports leisure, medical…)

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