Study in France

Graduating in chemistry and chemical engineering at ESCOM Chimie

Graduating in chemistry and chemical engineering at ESCOM Chimie

Degree students

Degree students have to comply with the same validation rules as any other regular student and to follow at least 3 semesters of courses at ESCOM Chimie :

5 international programmes can allow you to undertake a full degree programme

If your are not part of these programmes, you can apply directly to ESCOM before 15th June. The application form can be downloaded here.

After studying your application, we may contact you for a Skype interview.

Partner programmes & application

Campus France – Study in France

If you come from a country implementing the procedure Study in France, you will have to register and apply directly through the following website

Your visa application will also have to be submitted in this application.

After studying your application, you may be contacted for a Skype interview.

Partnership with ISCG Yaoundé in Cameroon

Admission in 2nd year (undergraduate programme) or in 3rd year (engineering programme).

ISCG will prior inform students about admission conditions and will give you the relevant application form.

After studying your application, you may be contacted for a Skype interview.

To learn more about conditions of application

In parallel, you have to apply within the procedure Etudes en France.

Partnership wtih Sainte-Marie de Hann in Dakar

Admission in 3rd year

The undergraduate programme offered at Sainte-Marie de Hann is the result of a common initiative gathering 11 engineering institutions of FESIC network.

The selection is decided according to students’ choices in order of merit, taking into consideration the academic results obtained the last two years and in function of the number of places available in each institution. ESCOM offers 4 places.

Programme n+i

Admission in 4th year

If you want to participate to n+i programme, you have to apply directly on the programme website n+i.

You can register from August 1st to May 8th the year after, during one of the 4 recruitment phases.

By applying with n+i, you can join ESCOM in 4th year and be graduated in 2 years. To boost the success of foreign students in France Engineering schools often recommend that students follow the « n+i » Path to success programmes.

These integration packages are designed to resolve housing, insurance and transfer issues etc. These packages also include refresher courses of French lessons and help with methodology to familiarise students with teaching and learning methods (note taking, relations with teachers, writing reports, oral presentation, personal work etc.).

There are three types of package, each with a separate objective:

Exchange students

Exchange students

As exchange student, you can apply to join ESCOM Chimie in 3rd year, 4th year of 5th year for one of these majors (Quality Hygiene Safety/Toxicology, Industrial management and marketing, Formulation)

Your university needs to have a bilateral agreement with ESCOM. You can check the list of our partner universities here.

In case your university doesn’t have any agreement with ESCOM yet, please get in touch with the international relations office at your home university.

Exchange students have to validate 30 ECTS per semester. Our programme is not modularized. This implies that you will have to take all the courses of the semester concerned.

Courses in « French as a Foreing Language – FLE » are offered for free each semester (20 hours/semester) to non-speaking French students complementaryt o English courses.

Exchange students also have the possibility to include a traineeship in a company or in a research lab at the end of the semester.

The application form can be downloaded here and has to be sent back by 15th June at the latest.

ESCOM holds the Eramus + Charter for Higher Education 2014-202

ESCOM has been awarded the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education covering the period 2014-2020. This accreditation allows us to take part to the Erasmus+ programme which supports, among other policy objectives, the European modernisation and internationalisation agenda in higher education.

The Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE) provides the general quality framework for European and international cooperation activities a higher education institution may carry out within the Programme and willing to participate in learning mobility of individuals and/or cooperation for innovation and good practices under the Programme.

Complementary to our commitment within the Erasmus + Charter, you are invited to learn more about our international strategy by downloading our international strategy declaration in French or in English.

Exchange programme & conditions of application

Exchange programme & conditions of application


International network
  • Applying with Erasmus +


You first have to be nominated by your home university by email to before May 1st indicating your nome, current level of studies and level of studies you are interested in at ESCOM, length of stay (one or two semesters).

Then, you will have to submit the application form together with the Erasmus learning agreement before June 15th.

  • Applying with  Brafitec


Please contact your Brafitec coordinator at home university who will inform you about conditions of application.
  • Applying with  Arfitec


Please contact your Arfitec coordinator at home university who will inform you about conditions of application..
  • Applying with Mexfitec

logo Mexfitec



Please contact your Mexfitec coordinator at home university who will inform you about conditions of application.
  • Your university has another kind of cooperation agreement with ESCOM Chimie
You have to inform your international relations office or academic department and then to submit the application form by June 15th (see above)

Stage en laboratoire

If you want to apply for a traineeship/research projet, you can send your application including your CV, transcripts of records and letter of motivation to Sophie Jourdain-Pasquier, Head of international relations . Your application will then be forwarded to the relevant research lab.

Applications for traineeships can be sent throughout the year without any deadline. Nevertheless it is recommended to apply at least 2 months in advance to have enough time to prepare your arrival if you are accepted.

This placement can be carried out with Erasmus programme or within an individual project. Please note that a training agreement will have to be signed in any case. French and English are the working languages. English-speaking students can apply but it’s recommended to have some basics in French for the daily life outside lab.

Course catalogue and academic calendar

You will find below the description of all courses (only available in French).

Course catalogue and academic calendar

ESCOM Chimie catalogue de cours


Academic calendar

Semestre 1Semestre 2

Summer courses in French as a Foreign Language (FLE)

If you want to reinforce your level in French during summer before starting your programme at ESCOM, we can recommend you our two partner FLE centres :

University of Technology in Compiègne (UTC)

International Academy in Lille

Please contact ESCOM International Relations Office for more information.